At Gallery Blinds We love pictures!

Melbourne Blinds Company Gallery Blinds prints your images on Window Blinds

Paintings, photography, illustration, design … we love it all.

We love it so much we’ve created Gallery Blinds.

Now anyone can bring fabulous art into their home, by printing their favourite images on to roller blinds made from the highest quality materials.

With licensed works from Getty Images and Bridgeman Art Gallery, our clients can choose from some of the greatest image libraries in the world.

Choose a masterpiece, photograph or modern illustration for your Gallery Blinds custom window blinds or upload your own masterpiece!

You will also be able to choose from the work of home-grown photographers and artists.

So, is there an image that you’ve always loved? Want to know what it will look like on a window roller blind?

Have a play on our Blind Builder … it’s easy!

* Choose the size and options for your blind.

* Select, crop and position the image on your roller blind.

It really is that simple, plus … it’s a lot of fun.

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Our fabulous image collections for your photo blind!

The GalleryBlinds Image Collections include some of the most amazing pictures available from industry leaders Getty Images and Bridgeman Art Library!

Getty Images, is stock photo agency, based in Seattle, Washington, United States, with an archive of 80 million still images and illustrations for stock, creative and editorial clients.

The Bridgeman Art Library, based in London, Paris, New York and Berlin, provides one of the largest archives for reproductions of works of art in the world.

Our experienced picture researchers have licensed art, photography and illustrations from Bridgeman Art Library and Getty Images and created our Image Collections for you to choose from for your photo blind.

Over time we will continue to grow our library and introduce you to the work of home grown, talented photographers and artists whose work will also be available for you to view choose and have printed on customised roller blinds.

If there is a space in your house (bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living space or bedrooms or even the garage or man cave) which needs to be brightened up, why not order a custom printed window photo blind which can also showcase an image of your favorite toy, pet, car, holiday or family photo.

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