Perth Blinds

Use your existing windows to generate revenue and maximise exposure with Perth blinds.

We design, manufacture and deliver Perth blinds. Custom printed window roller blinds for cafes, bistros, gyms, businesses and schools for advertising and promotion.

You can use company logos and imagery on custom printed window blinds to promote your business and attract attention from passersby. And your promotional window blinds are working to promote your business and inform your customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can maximise your exposure whilst creating privacy and eliminating glare. This can even help to reduce cooling costs in summer.

Printed roller blinds used by local Perth Fitness Centre

Custom printed window roller blinds. Perth blinds

A local Perth-based fitness centre use custom printed window blinds to promote thier busienss and services they offer including:-

  • Promoting their personal trainers
  • Raising awareness fo specialist classes and events
  • Promoting their Sponsors
  • Advertising their services and facilities

You can print any image, logo and text onto custom roller blinds to create a unique promotion to members and passers by, both inside and outside of your facility.

Our blinds create shade from the Perth sun, reduce energy bills and provide privacy when required.

Perth blinds in a gym.

It’s easy to see how the income adds up

Does your Profit and Loss statement include advertising as income or is it just a line item on your expenses?

Consider this simple money making opportunity:-

  • If you have 5 Windows, you could generate revenue of $75 each per month
  • Over 12 months, that low monthly rental charge equates to $4,500 per annum advertising revenue as income!

Plus you get a window roller blind that cuts 95% of UV rays and helps you save energy costs!

Our top quality Australian made Perth blinds:-

  • Come with a 3 Year warranty
  • Can blockout 95% of UV rays
  • Our window blinds are easy to clean
  • You can chose from blockout or blackout blinds or sheer and opaque materials

Brand your office space with logos and company information.

Gold 104.3 Perth blinds

Perth Blinds. A perfect backdrop for promotional pictures and videos.

As you can see from the images above, many local Perth businesses use custom printed window roller blinds to promote their business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Contact us today about window blinds Perth. Call us for a free quote on 1300 55 49 36.

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Sydney blinds

Sydney Nursing homes

Use our Sydney blinds to enhance nursing home experiences.

Create calm and inviting rooms for your residents to spend their days.

Our GalleryBlinds roller blinds transform a normal everyday room into a sanctuary that can be personalised to suit individual or group needs and desires.

Evoke memories of Sydney, travel and experiences to both enhance a room and create a visual stimulus.

With limited space in Sydney Nursing Homes and Care Centres, imagine utilising your windows with images that can be tailored to each occupant’s wishes.

Use images of Sydney to create stunning, personalised blinds to suit any size window.

GalleryBlinds provide thousands of images you can chose from to create your unique living spaces.
GalleryBlinds are easy to clean, fire retardant and contain anti fungal properties.
GalleryBlinds can also supply designers and installers to help make your project happen.

Sydney blinds Sydney blinds Sydney blinds

Capture and preserve happy memories for residents with pictures of Sydney printed on our roller blinds.

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For a full selection of fantastic images and ideas check out our Image Collections or call us on 1300 55 49 36 to discuss your requirements for this unique and exciting product or email us at

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