Attention: Printed Roller Blinds for Schools and Learning Centres!

Our custom printed roller blinds for schools, add colour and vibrancy to your learning spaces.

Choose your own images and designs or select from our database to reflect the principles and values of your school.

Printed roller blinds for schoolsWhat if you could use a roller blind that blocks the UV part of the light that is responsible for the glare on screens and whiteboards but still lets the friendly light in?

During the day, the special fabric used to make our roller blinds allows you to see outside but won’t allow those outside to see in, ensuring privacy in the classroom.

We have had great feedback from schools and educational centres about our custom printed roller blinds for schools used in the classroom and learning spaces.

Watch our video..

Blinds are a practical requirement in every classroom, use them to your advantage to educate, inspire and motivate.

You can use inspirational images on roll up window blinds in classrooms and other areas around your school to create an environment that engages students and excites the imagination. Window furnishings are essential, so why not do something that will leave a lasting impression!

At GalleryBlinds, we can print educational images and photographs onto printed roller blinds for schools with stunning results to educate, inspire and motivate.



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