Printed Roller Blinds That Sell

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas …

Custom printed blinds that sell!

Especially at Cold Rock Ice Creamery in Frankston where they’e using our printed roller blinds that sell!!!

Josh delivered and installed their new custom printed ‘Merry Christmas’ roller blind last week and Jeanette couldn’t be happier with the result!

Oh, and if you’re passing by, you simply must try their Chocolate ice cream with smashed Snickers and Maltesers – yummy!!

Our custom printed blinds provide a unique opportunity to use window space to promote your business to pedestrians and traffic that pass by your business day and night, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, using printed promotional roller blinds.

Custom printed roller blinds at Cold Rock Ice Creamery. Custom printed blinds that sell!

Advertising as easy as rolling down your blinds

Utilising the very latest UV resistant material and print technology we can print logos, contact details, images and information about your business onto roller blinds that can be seen by all who pass your window.

Internally create inspirational and exciting designs within office spaces and meeting rooms. We can print vibrant colours and images onto our range of blockout blinds and opaque materials to bring your office spaces and meeting rooms to life whilst blocking out light and heat, saving you money by reducing your office or business cooling costs.

Printed roller blinds that sell

During the day, our roller blinds function to keep light and heat out whilst promoting your business. And at night the blind can double up as a backlit sign to promote your business to the outside world. Advertise opening hours, promotions, special offers or whatever you like or want to promote. We think your business will definitely stand out from the crowd.

Design Your Own Window Blinds Online

Go straight to our online roller blind builder tool to start creating your own printed window blinds that sell. You can also check out our photo gallery for inspiration.

And if you need help, call us on (03) 9696 4991 or use our Contact Us form to send us a message. We can help you design your own window blinds that sell!

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Modern Blinds Printed with Images from the Work of Masters like Van Gogh

Masterpieces printed onto modern blinds.

We can create custom printed modern blinds with images from the master such as Van Gogh, Manet, Renoir, Seurat and Monet.

Did you know that Van Gogh painted three versions of the piece he called The Bedroom (French: La Chambre à coucher) or as we know it Bedroom in Arles? The painting depicts Van Gogh’s bedroom at 2, Place Lamartine in Arles, Bouches-du-Rhône, France, known as his Yellow House.

Custom printed modern blinds with images from the masters

The above example is the third and smallest version. Completed by Van Gogh towards the end of September 1889, this painting can be seen at the Musée d’Orsay, Paris.

Custom printed roller blinds

Van Gogh described his intentions for the painting in a letter to his brother Theo:
This time it simply reproduces my bedroom; but colour must be abundant in this part, its simplification adding a rank of grandee to the style applied to the objects, getting to suggest a certain rest or dream. Well, I have thought that on watching the composition we stop thinking and imagining. I have painted the walls pale violet. The ground with checked material. The wooden bed and the chairs, yellow like fresh butter; the sheet and the pillows, lemon light green. The bedspread, scarlet coloured. The window, green. The washbasin, orangey; the tank, blue. The doors, lilac. And, that is all. There is not anything else in this room with closed shutters. The square pieces of furniture must express unswerving rest; also the portraits on the wall, the mirror, the bottle, and some costumes. The white colour has not been applied to the picture, so its frame will be white, aimed to get me even with the compulsory rest recommended for me. I have depicted no type of shade or shadow; I have only applied simple plain colours, like those in crêpes.

Van Gogh’s Bedroom in Arles, 1889, is also one of the eight Van Gogh images we have licensed as part of our Image Collection, available to our customers for their custom printed modern roller blinds.

Our custom printed blinds are not only fashionable but also highly functional;

  • 100% Australian made custom image window roller blinds
  • Premium quality easy to fit brackets and winders for ease of installation
  • Inks that will not fade with exposure to the sun
  • Anti curl window blind material for a great finish
  • Energy efficient

Gallery Blinds manufacture custom modern blinds and deliver these printed roller blinds to all states and territories in Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, Darwin and Hobart and all surrounding areas.

Create your own modern blinds with classic artwork from the Masters

Play around with more classic artworks by Manet, Renoir, Seurat and Monet on our Blind Builder. We have a huge library of fantastic images including images of art work by many of the masters including Van Gogh, that you can use to create your own modern blinds with an image you choose.

Or call us on 1300 55 49 36.

This is a really great and unique gift idea, so don’t waste any time ordering your custom printed roller blinds.

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