World Kitchen unveils new PromoBlinds in flagship stores

PromoBlinds. A solution that delivers on all levels.

PromoBlinds have helped add 40% more product storage to the newly refurbished World Kitchen DFO outlets.

Printed roller blinds have been used to conceal extra levels of shelving creating additional storage space that can be easily accessed within the store.

Fitted to the top of each fixture, PromoBlinds provides a printed cover for as much, or as little racking as needed. Excess stock is held behind the blind, allowing staff to easily gain access without removing large fixed panels.


How it came about.

In late 2016, World Kitchen approached GalleryBlinds to work in conjunction with their shopfitter to create & conceal additional storage in a high turnover environment with limited floor space.

PromoBlinds created a unique system that retrofits directly to the existing racking system, allowing the promotional media to be easily lowered and raised, changed over or relocated if needed.

The Printed Promo Blind system is easily adapted to fit existing wall racking systems, giving the store the ability to increase storage capacity & marketing opportunities. Interchangeable prints allow for promotional imagery, or generic branding to be used at the discretion of the store.


What makes this product stand out.

  • Allows stores to increase their stock levels
  • Quicker access to hidden stock
  • No need for costly installers to change imagery
  • Reduces amount of personal required to access upper storage
  • Lower freight costs for sending promotional material.

So far the PromoBlinds have been rolled out into the 4 flagship World Kitchen stores, which also receive new promotional imagery on a monthly basis.

Visit the World Kitchen at

For more details and to find out how PromoBlinds can help your business, contact PromoBlinds on (03) 9696 4991.



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