Sydney blinds

Sydney Nursing homes

Use our Sydney blinds to enhance nursing home experiences.

Create calm and inviting rooms for your residents to spend their days.

Our GalleryBlinds roller blinds transform a normal everyday room into a sanctuary that can be personalised to suit individual or group needs and desires.

Evoke memories of Sydney, travel and experiences to both enhance a room and create a visual stimulus.

With limited space in Sydney Nursing Homes and Care Centres, imagine utilising your windows with images that can be tailored to each occupant’s wishes.

Use images of Sydney to create stunning, personalised blinds to suit any size window.

GalleryBlinds provide thousands of images you can chose from to create your unique living spaces.
GalleryBlinds are easy to clean, fire retardant and contain anti fungal properties.
GalleryBlinds can also supply designers and installers to help make your project happen.

Sydney blinds Sydney blinds Sydney blinds

Capture and preserve happy memories for residents with pictures of Sydney printed on our roller blinds.

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For a full selection of fantastic images and ideas check out our Image Collections or call us on 1300 55 49 36 to discuss your requirements for this unique and exciting product or email us at

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Custom Roller Blinds Melbourne Street Scenes

Custom printed blinds showing Melbourne street scenes

Custom printed roller blinds – Melbourne street scenes.

We printed these stunning black and white images of historical Melbourne street scenes onto custom made window blinds.

“Thanks again for your help, we are very happy with the end result!” Melanie C.

We think these amazing black and white photos of Melbourne Street scenes, printed on our custom made roller blinds, look absolutely fantastic too!

So, if you’re looking for custom printed roller blinds Melbourne, you’re in the right place.

Our printed roller blinds are used in many Melbourne businesses and homes. Businesses use our printed blinds to promote their business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and homeowners are using our custom printed blinds to create unique and personalised living spaces. SO, no matter if you are looking to promote your business, reduce glare and heat from windows or simply decorate you home with window blinds Melbourne, we can help.

Simply go straight to our online custom printed roller Blind Builder, and you can upload your own image or select an image from our fabulous and extensive image library to create your own unqiue promotiional or decorative window blinds Melbourne.

We can print and deliver designer blinds to all states and cities throughout Australia including, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, Canberra and Darwin.


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New and exciting product for Designers – Custom Roll Down Blinds

Custom Printed Roll Down Blinds

Modern living space with printed roll down blinds.

GalleryBlinds print pictures and photos onto roll down blinds. Your clients can select from our extensive range of images, or you can upload your own to create unique window coverings. Custom printed blinds can be used in retail, residential, commercial and public spaces with great effect.

+ High resolution, full colour prints

+ Print photos, patterns or logos

+ Use for advertising or branding

+ Choice of specialist fabrics

GalleryBlinds can compliment interior design and environmental graphic schemes, or reinforce branding and marketing messages with out printed roll down blinds. View some more examples on our Inspirations page.

Custom printed roll down blinds

Home office with logo printed on window roller blinds.

GalleryBlinds printed window roll down blinds can enhance any interior, commercial or residential, while offering all the benefits of a normal window blind.

+ Eliminate glare

+ Provide privacy

+ Save energy

GalleryBlinds are flame retardant, ecologically sound, cleanable and come with a comprehensive 3 year warranty. Our fabrics cut out 95% of harmful UV so are a fantastic solution to reduce light and heat (thus potentially reducing your cooling costs in summer)

Inside or out our custom printed window roller blinds inspire and promote your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Contact us today about custom printed roller window blinds for a free quote on 1300 55 49 36. Alternately, you can go straight to our online custom printed window Blind Builder tool, to upload your own image or select from our extensie libnrary of images to create your own custom roll-up blind today!

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Photographers create revenue with photo blinds for windows

Studio reception area featuring a printed photo blind.

Custom Printed Photo Blinds for Windows

Attention all Photographers – Create additonal revenue with custom photo blinds for windows!

Print your clients’ favourite photos onto custom photo roller blinds. GalleryBlinds provides a new and exciting way to display stunning photos.

Create interest and additional revenue with this unique product.

Ordering is simple, either login to our website with your unique reseller code or send us the picture and dimensions and we do the rest. Print, proof and despatch.

Black and white photo custom printed onto roller blind.

Photo printed blinds

Digital printing with exceptional results

GalleryBlinds utilise the latest printing technology to reproduce your photos with outstanding clarity, exceptional resolution and vibrant colours.

Using a range of fabrics we can create a cutom photo blind for every setting.

Our translucent materials cut out 95% of UV rays whilst allowing natural light to illuminate the image and brighten the room.

The blockout fabric provides 100% privacy and exceptional image clarity, ideal for bedrooms, nurseries and bathrooms.

We specialise in printing custom photo blinds for all cities and states in Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adeliade, Canberra and Hobart.

Go straight to the Online Custom Photo Blind Builder on our website or call us on 1300 55 49 36 to discuss how we can transform your home or office with custom printed photo blinds.

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GalleryBlinds modern blinds featured in HomeStyle magazine

HomeStyle magazine features GalleryBlinds - Australian made custom printed modern blinds

GalleryBlinds was featured in Homestyle magazine. Editor veronica Ridge talks about GalleryBlinds as a clever and stylish solution to bland and boring window coverings.

As stated, at Gallery Blinds we have licensed images from Getty Images, Bridgeman Images and BigStockPhot Images for you to browse and select your own iconic image from these libraries to have us print on roller window blinds to brighten up the decor in your home or office. We have made available beautiful and inspiring images from some of the biggest and most prestigeous image suppliers in the world for you to choose from.

On our web site you can design and order blinds for delivery Australia wide!

You can use our online blind builder tool and chose any of our licensed images for your own custom printed window blinds or you can even upload your own holiday photos and we will print them on window blinds for you.

Our custom printed modern blinds are not only fashionable but also highly functional. They …

  • Are 100% Australian custom made printed roller blinds
  • Come with premium quality easy to fit brackets and winders for ease of installation and use
  • Are printed with inks that will not fade
  • Are manufctured with anti curl window blind material for a great finish
  • Are energy efficient as they can block light and heat

GalleryBlinds manufacture custom modern blinds and deliver these custom printed roller blinds to all states and territories in Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, Darwin and Hobart and all surrounding areas.

And if you need help selecting a suitable image or designing or measuring your blinds, call us on (03) 9696 4991 or use our Contact Us form to send us a message. We can help you design and install your custom printed modern blinds if required.

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Educational printed roller blinds

Educational Printed Blinds

Educational printed blinds

Every classroom requires window furnishings, why not do something exciting…?

Our custom educational printed blinds engage students and add colour and vibrancy to your learning spaces.

Our ranges of subject specific designs allow schools to choose images that reflect your specific learning ethos for unique educational printed blinds.

You can not only enhance the students learning experience with GalleryBlinds but you will also benefit from our blinds which can  …

  • Eliminate glare on screens
  • Reduce glare on white boards
  • Provide privacy
  • Save energy

Our fabrics cut out 95% of harmful UV while allowing natural light in, and providing a view out of the classroom for students and staff.

GalleryBlinds printed blinds are flame retardant, ecologically sound, cleanable and come with a 3 year warranty.

Check out our image ranges and some examples of our printed roller blinds online at

The GalleryBlinds Image Collections include some of the most amazing pictures available from industry leaders empowering you build creative blinds for your school or educational facility!

We can create custom printed blinds for you!

GalleryBlinds will print your photos or images on custom printed roller blinds or you can choose from our extensive image collections. We have made available beautiful and inspiring images from some of the biggest and most prestigious image suppliers in the world for you to choose from including Getty Images, Bridgeman Images and BigStockPhoto Images.

Our custom printed blinds are first and foremost highly functional.

They …

  • Come with premium quality easy to fit brackets and winders for ease of installation and use
  • Are printed with inks that will not fade
  • Are manufactured with anti curl roller blind material for a great finish
  • Are energy efficient as they can block light and heat
  • Are available in your choice of sheer, opaque or block-out roller blinds
  • Are easy to clean
  • Cut glare and heat from the Australian sun
  • Are 100% Australian made

Design Your Own Printed Roller Blind Online

Go straight to our online roller blind builder tool to start creating your own custom educational printed blinds NOW!

And if you need help, call us on (03) 9696 4991 or use our Contact Us form to send us a message. We can help you design your custom printed window blinds.

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